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New driveway and artificial grass in Lymm

From Tired Driveway to Beautiful, Practical Space!

Do you keep thinking about revamping your outside space? This could include updating your driveway or creating more space to park your cars. Just as you can restyle a room in your home to make it look more attractive and increase its practical use, the external area around your house can be changed to add curb appeal and modernise an outdated or tired looking concrete driveway or practically speaking, make it easier to park on or drive off.

Take for example a recent project for a new driveway in Lymm, that Lasting Impressions completed across the front and to the side of a bungalow in Lymm. Our clients decided they wanted to overhaul the existing concrete driveway and the garden and replace it with something much more low maintenance, so they opted for pattern imprinted concrete and artificial grass in Lymm. What did this involve?

First of all, for the new driveway in Lymm, we excavated the area and removed the existing driveway. Removing a concrete driveway is not something that can be easily done. It requires the use of heavy equipment and speciality tools, as well as somewhere to dispose of the debris which might require a skip.

We designed the area based on our client’s requirements which included a pattern imprinted concrete driveway, and an area allocated for a lawn made with artificial grass and borders that were defined by having planters made from wooden sleepers.

The driveway was at a 45-degree angle. Our clients opted to have the pattern of the driveway done in Grand Ashlar and was coloured in classic grey. The driveway was finished with mid sheen seal and anti-slip. We also fitted 35mm of tri coloured artificial grass in Lymm.

You can see from the photographs the way the new driveway in Lymm and artificial grass perfectly complimented one another, and the planters were a lovely finishing touch for added interest and variety. Our clients were thrilled with the results!

If you have some design ideas about how you want to transform the outside space at the front of your house or need some inspiration, we can tailor our services to your requirements. At Lasting Impressions, we don’t just install pattern imprinted concrete driveways, we can also carry out all other necessary jobs involved to complete the project such as fitting artificial grass in Lymm, building brick walls or creating borders using large planters that we can make ourselves.

To find out more about having a new driveway and artificial grass in Lymm, ring on 0161 980 8822.

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