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London Cobble Driveway in Urmston

You Can Have a Taste of London Without Even Having to Leave Home with Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways!

You don’t need to visit London to see London Cobble! That’s because the London cobble pattern is a popular choice when laying pattern imprinted concrete driveways. Drive down any road or cul-de-sac in and around Greater Manchester and you will see many examples of it. However, whereas with the real cobblestones found in London which are often grey, there are a range of colours to choose from with pattern imprinted concrete, so you can choose a pattern and colour combination that is bespoke to you. Because of this, you don’t have to have a new driveway in Urmston that is identical to your neighbours!

Lasting Impressions recently installed a new driveway in Urmston. This was completed using large London cobble and coloured in dove grey. We acid stained the edges to define the shape of the driveway and did the same with the half-moon front step at the front door. This had an acid stained trim and large London cobble pattern on the top so that it tied in with the rest of the driveway. The combination of the half moon step and the acid trim was a great decorative feature that enhanced the appearance of the driveway and created added interest.

With pattern imprinted concrete driveways it is important to ensure that they are SUDs complaint as they are not permeable. To do this we always include an ACOS drain which in this instance was placed along the front of the driveway where it met the footpath. This creates a place for surface water to flow to. If it’s a sloped surface, we will always place the drain to work with the direction the water flows in.

The whole process of installing the new driveway in Urmston was completed by sealing the surface with a high gloss sealant with anti-slip agent. This gives the surface a lovely shine but doesn’t make it slippery. You can see this example of what pattern imprinted concrete driveways can look like from the photographs included.

Would You Like to Have a New Driveway in Urmston?

If you are thinking of having a new driveway, we can help. As a well-established company, we have a vast amount of experience installing driveways using pattern imprinted concrete. We can talk through the vast range of patterns and colours to find something that suits you.

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