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Why Have A New Driveway in Timperley?

Let’s face it, one thing that driver’s get most annoyed about is not having anywhere to park near to their home. It’s natural to feel entitled to have a parking space near to your home instead of having to walk miles with the shopping or after a long day at work. There’s also concerns about safety. Is your car secure where it has been left or on your return are you likely to find it has been damaged?

Utilising any external space around your home could solve the problem by turning a garden or unused piece of land into a concrete driveway and it is also likely to add as much as 5% more to the value of your home. In cities and their suburbs this can potentially increase as parking is at a premium.

Lasting Impressions Driveway and Patio Design Specialist recently installed a beautiful new driveway in Timperley. As you can see from the photographs, we covered the area across the front and to the side of the property creating a generous parking space and path leading to the back garden.

Our clients opted to have the new driveway in Timperley printed in large London cobble and coloured in classic grey with charcoal release. This traditional combination worked brilliantly with the age and style of the property. It was then sealed with an anti-slip sealant which creates a lovely looking shine without being slippery!

As you can see in one of the photographs, there was an existing manhole which we disguised by covering it with the pattern imprinted concrete making it more discreet. We also included an ACO drain along the front of the concrete driveway to ensure it was SUDS compliant.

Considering a Concrete Driveway in Timperley?

At Lasting Impressions Driveway and Patio Design Specialist, we strive to create the perfect, professionally installed concrete driveway for every customer, one that looks great but also has the durability to last for many years.

To find out more about having a new driveway in Timperley call Lasting Impressions Driveway and Patio Design Specialist today on 0161 980 882.

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