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New driveway and Patio in Timperley

Transform Your Outside Space with Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways

More and more households throughout the UK are choosing pattern imprinted concrete. It’s a great option for driveways, patios and paths. You may not realise it but there’s probably several examples of pattern imprinted concrete driveways in the road that you live on.

While installing pattern imprinted concrete driveways may seem easy, as all you have to do is pour concrete onto a sub-base, add colour and then apply a hardener, in reality it requires great skill, care and patience. That’s because unless concrete is mixed and laid correctly the mixture can be inconsistent and structurally poor. Approximately 6 mats are used to print the pattern into the concrete. The skills and expertise of how to lay them out equally covering the whole area, can only be acquired over time and with experience. Lasting Impressions have installed 100’s of pattern imprinted concrete driveways. With us, you can expect the whole process to be carried out efficiently and professionally.

Lasting Impressions recently laid a new driveway in Timperley. Our clients decided to have, not just a driveway but a path along the side of the house and a patio at the back, all in pattern imprinted concrete. For the pattern they opted for London Cobble in Steadman Buff colour with mahogany release. You can see what this looks like from the photographs included. Adding the release takes the colour from looking flat and one dimensional to giving it light and shade creating depth and texture. Using the same pattern imprinted concrete throughout the external areas of the house for the new driveway in Timperley and new patio, linked the back and front creating continuity, bringing it all together. To complete the look and seal in the colour we added a mid-sheen seal which gives the surface a lovely shine.

You will see from one of the photographs that we also included an ACOS drain across the front of the driveway. That’s because surface water needs somewhere to drain away. Adding the drain makes it SUDs compliant.

Considering a New Driveway in Timperley?

If you are thinking of having a new driveway in Timperley, get in touch with Lasting Impressions. We can discuss how to make the most use of your external space, updating it and transforming it into an attractive addition to your home. Call 0161 980 8822.

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