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New patio in Stockport

Is bigger better for a new patio in Stockport?

When you are talking about outside space and more specifically patios, the answer is…..no not necessarily. In fact, you don’t need a lot of space to make a statement and smaller back gardens can be just as inviting and enjoyable for entertaining than more spacious ones. From a practical point of view, they also require less maintenance.

Some recent clients in Stockport had a small outside space that they were keen to improve. They opted to have a patio built at the side of the house and decided to have pattern imprinted concrete. From the range of pattern and colour options they chose to have it printed in Ashlar and coloured in Steadman Buff. You can see the lovely results from the photographs included.

Add interest to your outside space with a new path in Stockport

Analyse the paths of a garden and you learn a lot about the owner of the home. Are they straight and grid-like, or curving and meandering? Creating a path in Stockport in your garden is a great way to connect a garden to the building it belongs to. If it lines up with the doors and windows, it immediately causes a symmetry with the house. Alternatively, if it doesn’t it can release the garden from the house giving you free reign to do what you like with it!

In addition to the new patio in Stockport, in order to add interest to their garden, our clients included a path in the same pattern imprinted concrete. This linked the patio to the top of the garden area as well as running across the front of the conservatory.

Thinking of a new patio in Stockport?

Having only a small space at the back of your house doesn’t have to become a wasted space! Call Lasting Impressions today. We can talk you through what’s involved in having a new patio in Stockport as well as put forward design ideas on how to make the most of the space that you have according to your requirements. We can accommodate your lifestyle needs too. For a new patio in Stockport call 0161 980 8820.

Connect your home to your garden with a new path in Stockport

To have a new path in Stockport installed call 0161 980 8820. As experienced installers of patios and paths Lasting Impressions can discuss the range of options available to suit your requirements and budget. Check out the results of having a new path in Stockport from the photographs included of this recent project.

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