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Parking Made Easy!

New Parking Area Installed using Pattern Imprinted Concrete in Altrincham

If you live in a city or other densely populated area, you will know that parking can be at a premium. Unless you have a driveway, you are probably used to at best, having to park outside your house on the road, or at worst having to park a mile away in the first available spot that you can find. Apart from the fact that this can be inconvenient, especially if you have to carry shopping back, it can also be a constant concern thinking about the safety of your car. If you have a family carrying the kids back can be a nightmare!

Utilising any space that you have around your house and transforming it into a parking area can be an efficient and effective way to rectify the parking problem. Our recently clients in the Altrincham area of Cheshire decided to do just that and asked Lasting Impressions to create a driveway with two clearly defined parking spaces.

With the range of patterns and colours available in pattern imprinted concrete, a parking space doesn’t have to be a dull and boring area. It can actually compliment your home and be a creative, as well as practical space!

Our clients opted to have their parking area printed in Old English Cobble. This has a traditional appearance, as suggested by the name, and as you can see from the photographs, perfectly complimented the reclaimed brick wall that surrounded the area. The chose to have it coloured in Platinum.

We can also work around your specific requirements. In this instance our clients asked us to put an edging strip down the middle to separate the parking areas.

For car parking made easy, contact Lasting Impressions. We can take the stress out of finding somewhere to safely park your car and offering you the convenience of leaving it just outside your home, with a new driving or parking area installed using pattern imprinted concrete.

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