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New pattern imprinted concrete driveway in Salford

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways That Never Date

No doubt you have noticed in recent years that more and more houses are being rendered. It’s a great way to hide unattractive brickwork, but even if the brickwork is not unsightly, rendering a house can give it a crisp, modern appearance. You don’t have to move to a new house to feel like you are living in a new home.

Rendering your house also has practical benefits as it makes the building more energy efficient and protects the brickwork against the wind and rain. Lasting Impressions completed the installation of a large new driveway in Salford, outside a beautiful house that was rendered in white with black window frames, wood work and tiled roof.

For their new driveway in Salford our clients opted to have pattern imprinted concrete which was ideal for their requirements as they needed a large parking area outside the house for several cars. A concrete driveway is a great choice as it is strong and able to withstand heavy weights. It is also robust and durable, meaning it can last many years.

For the pattern of their concrete driveway they decided to have London cobble and it was coloured in black. We added a brick pattern trim and rounded the edges to soften the lines between the driveway and the garden. It was finished off with a high gloss sealant.

You can see what the concrete driveway looked like from the photographs included. The colour and pattern perfectly complimented the age and style of the property as well as the external features. Pattern imprinted concrete can create the appearance of a traditional cobbled driveway but at a fraction of the cost as it is also low maintenance. To keep it looking its best it should be resealed every 2-3 years. This extends its lifespan. Lasting Impressions is booked in to re seal this driveway in a few weeks as it was installed a few years ago. Let’s see what it looks like once it has been resealed!

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