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New pattern imprinted concrete driveway in Urmston

Pattern imprinted concrete is a decorative and attractive option for a driveway, that can be customised to meet your needs and requirements.  It offers a range of patterns and colours to suit the style or age of your property or simply to suit your own personal style.  It’s also proven to be long lasting and durable.

At Lasting Impressions, we are highly qualified driveway contractors who have years of experience designing and installing pattern imprinted concrete driveways.  We recently undertook a new pattern imprinted concrete driveway in the Urmston area of Manchester. From the wide range of options available the client chose to have the driveway coloured in classic grey and printed in large London cobble.

At Lasting Impressions, we also keep up to date with any new developments in relation to surface water drainage as over the years there have been subtle changes in the rules and regulations of this.  As a result, you can rest assured that all the driveways we install are fitted to meet industry standards and in accord with drainage regulations.  For example, the driveway in Urmston was fitted with a drainage system that complied with SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) regulations.  You can see the grid running along the entrance of the driveway in the photograph.

All our driveways are finished with an anti-slip acrylic sealer which also acts to protect the surface from the elements and wear and tear.  This driveway was finished with a gloss seal.

For more information or advice about pattern imprinted concrete driveways in Urmston, give Lasting Impressions a ring on 0161 980 8822.


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