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New Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway and Path in Altrincham

Another Beautiful Bespoke Driveway and Path Installed!

Whether it’s a new path, patio or driveway you are thinking of having, pattern imprinted concrete is a great choice. What’s more, it can be easily laid into any shape to fit any space. An example of this was a recent project that Lasting Impressions undertook in the Altrincham area of Cheshire.

Our clients wanted a new driveway in Altrincham. They decided to have pattern imprinted concrete and chose terracotta for the colour, and Grand Ashlar for the pattern. In order to link the front of the house to the back they also chose to have the same pattern imprinted concrete to form a pathway running along the side of the house, as well as a patio and path leading to a decking area in the garden.

Installing this new driveway in Altrincham was particularly challenging because it had a steep incline. Knowing how to handle pattern imprinted concrete in this kind of space can be challenging. This is because the concrete is laid as one large slab meaning there is a short time frame to ensure that the levels are right. An even and consistent distribution of concrete and weight is essential. With our years of experience, dealing with these kind of issues while laying a new driveway in Altrincham was not a problem and nothing we couldn’t handle.

We also added ACO drainage along the front of the house to catch the water running down. This prevents surface water from collecting on the driveway, so no puddles! We also included a double step at the front door.

In addition to the driveway, we installed the pathway and patio at the side and back of the house. The final part of the installation process was to add extra anti-skid to a mid-sheen finish. This helps to seal the concrete and also give it grip so the surface is not slippery to walk on. You can see the finished results of this project from the photographs included.

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