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New Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway and Path in Altrincham

20th January 2021

Another Beautiful Bespoke Driveway and Path Installed! Whether it’s a new path, patio or driveway you are thinking of having, pattern imprinted concrete is a great choice. What’s more, it can be easily laid into any shape to fit any space. An example of this was a recent project that Lasting Impressions undertook in the Read More

New Concrete Driveway in Manchester

Pattern Imprinted Concrete – A Great Option for a Bespoke Driveway! While you may not know what they are called, there’s no doubt you will have seen plenty of them! What are we talking about? The answer – pattern imprinted concrete driveways. In the last few years, they have become increasingly popular as a low Read More

New Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway in Urmston

16th December 2020

Stunning New Driveway in Urmston With so many patterns to choose from that can create a very different effect, why limit yourself to one, when you can choose two or more patterns with pattern imprinted concrete driveways. That’s what some of our recent clients in Urmston did. For their new driveway in Urmston, they decided Read More

New Concrete Driveway in Wythenshawe

26th October 2020

You don’t have to live in London to have London Cobble for your new Concrete Driveway! Lasting Impressions had the pleasure of installing a new driveway in Wythenshawe recently. Our clients wanted a concrete driveway across the front of the house leading to the front door and garage door. For their new driveway in Wythenshawe, Read More

Why Have A New Driveway in Timperley?

22nd October 2020

Let’s face it, one thing that driver’s get most annoyed about is not having anywhere to park near to their home. It’s natural to feel entitled to have a parking space near to your home instead of having to walk miles with the shopping or after a long day at work. There’s also concerns about Read More

London Cobble a Popular Choice for a New Driveway in Altrincham!

23rd September 2020

Lasting Impressions was fortunate enough to install a stunning new driveway in Altrincham at a beautiful property recently. While it was a fairly new semi-detached house, it had been built in a style that complimented the older surrounding properties and as a result required a pattern imprinted concrete driveway that suited this. Our clients chose Read More

New pattern imprinted concrete driveway in Salford

18th June 2020

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways That Never Date No doubt you have noticed in recent years that more and more houses are being rendered. It’s a great way to hide unattractive brickwork, but even if the brickwork is not unsightly, rendering a house can give it a crisp, modern appearance. You don’t have to move to Read More

New pattern imprinted concrete driveway in Sale, Manchester

11th June 2020

You Don’t have to Live in London to have a London Cobble Driveway! With many years of experience constructing driveways, Lasting Impressions can produce a driveway that complements your property and that suits your needs. We are thoroughly conversant with specifications and requirements for driveways, such as them being SuDS (Suburban Urban Drainage Systems) compliant. Read More

Pattern imprinted concrete driveway Brooklands

3rd June 2020

Grey is the New Black When Having a New Driveway in Brooklands! One of the most popular choices for driveways and patios is pattern imprinted concrete. It is a low maintenance, attractive looking, cost effective option. Walk along any road and you will see evidence of how popular it is as you are likely to Read More

New pattern imprinted concrete driveway Sale Manchester

18th May 2020

There was a time when if you wanted a driveway outside your house, it had to be made from either concrete slabs or tarmac! That’s what you had to choose from. How things have changed in the last 20 years! There are now a range of options available including, gravel, resin bound, Indian stone, cobble Read More

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